My first overseas trip in my life was Bali in my honeymoon.

The place I'd like to recommend is Tinian Island.

The place I'd like to recommend is Tinian Island. A person who knows this island does not know even if it tells a friend very much, where is there? It is said. Starry sky is beautiful at night on an island with no traffic lights or streets. There is a hotel of Kinkakurakin although it is an island without anything. Actually there are casinos. A private beach that was loved during the Taga Dynasty, a swim with the sea turtle, or an island wrapped in a sea of ??beautiful colors that can not be said anything called Tinian Blue on a pure white sand beach anyhow, round the island, number Is it time? There is also rental of original Chari. I feel like running the earth with the wind stopped, so I'd like to see original chari rental than car rental. Access to Tinian is about 10 minutes by plane from Saipan. It is about 1 hour on a fast boat. It should have been an airplane from Guam. please confirm. If it is an airplane, I think that you can simply calculate it and think twice as much as the shipping fee. It was cheap so I tried it on a boat, but the ship said that he stopped the day before when I went, so is it somewhat expensive, is the plane better? The ship sways very much. Everyone is a paper bag. I give the paper bag inside the ship, but it seems that the Chinese language is fluttering. Anyway the island is beautiful, but one story I should not forget. I think that everyone knows that the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War, but in fact the B - 29 bomber that carried this atomic bomb flew from Tinian Island. One road runs straight in the center of the island, but this road was made as the runway of the B - 29 bomber. At that time, the Japanese troops who received the shell and the place where the Japanese soldiers lived are left intact. The traces of black black cannibals are fresh and people are really few islands so that history is left So the sea is beautiful as it is still there is a little transmitted? Although it is a quiet ocean without people now, there are also sightseeing spots and photographs of those days written in Japanese, so there are plenty of sightseeing spots and I also went there but the place I still can not forget is Tinian Island today I wrote it. If you have a chance, please go there.

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