My first overseas trip in my life was Bali in my honeymoon.

We recommend Guam.

We recommend Guam. I have been to Guam for about 3 nights as a wedding and a honeymoon. Because my budget is low and my family is going with me, I could only have stayed 3 nights, but I am quite satisfied even with 3 nights. I have a wonderful memory of my life. The hotel was a hotel with a private beach and we went to the sea all the time in the morning, day and night. It makes me think that it is not too salty to drink, the transparency of the sea is wonderful, it seems like I can see the fish. I lost sandals once worn in the sea ... I was giving up but my sandals shining far in the ocean! It is! Thanks to the wonderful ocean I went to Sea Walker for a banana boat, scuba diving, and many things. It is especially advantageous to choose a guy who is packed. Shopping is on the other side of the hotel is a shopping area. Because I went shopping according to the budget and in April, I also did the bargain at the last minute, so I bought it in large quantities. At the cosmetics department, we are drawing a lot twice a day and give us a pouch and a perfume for free. I used a bus unlimited ticket from a travel agency on the bus and went to the outlet. It was anxious all the time for a wonderfully tough driving, but people who seemed to be locals were eating hamburgers in a sharp manner. Local people who are still doing business aimed at tourists and foreigners like bad groups wandering around the city at night with an open car, so I can not go out alone, but at night it is a souvenir You can buy it. Very disappointing, rice ball. The rice balls I bought at convenience stores seems bad. I was surprised to hear that it did not taste at all. In somehow, Guam is not a short-term overseas trip that can be fulfilled with the low budget, short time and the most? Is it? Why do not you make fun memories? Is it?

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